Why NU Açaí?

NU is the Portuguese word for 'naked' and is a reflection of the company's philosophy and transparent policies and practices on food, fair trade and the Amazon.

We believe in selling food that is not only good for your body nutritionally, but also good for the soul in terms of being able to help those less fortunate, and also for the Amazon itself.

Being involved in the entire Açaí supply chain all the way from the fruit on the tree in the middle of the Amazon jungles, to getting it to the freezer of your favourite retailer gives us unequaled abilities to control the quality of our product, making our acai unsurpassed in quality in any part of the world.

Far from being an industry that exploits the people and the environment of the Amazon, we work in tandem with our business partners in the Amazon to develop sustainable practices that tread lightly on this precious resource, and in doing so, give the locals reason to keep their trees standing as an alternative to deforestation for other commercial ventures.

We vigorously endorse and practice fair trade, and also believe in helping to improve the quality of life. NU helps to financially support a school on the island of Murutucu, one of the world's largest river islands (about the size of Switzerland), where more than 140 children are clothed, fed and educated..


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