NU Starfruit

starfruitThis uniquely-shaped fruit resembles a star when sliced cross-wise. When ripe, the waxy skin turns a thin, glossy yellow color. The fragrant yellow flesh is juicy and crisp and has a taste that ranges from an exotic tangy sweetness to a refreshing lemon tartness.

The exact origin of starfruit, or carambola, is uncertain. Ancient writings suggest the fruit was available in India prior to European colonization. It’s also thought that the trees were indigenous to the Malayan region and brought to the Americas possibly by Chinese sandalwood traders centuries ago.

The starfruit tree (Averrhoa carambola) thrives in the tropical climate of northern Brazil, where it is popular for its refreshing juice, as well as for its medicinal properties to help combat fevers.

NU Fruit of the Amazon’s starfruit is grown in the Amazon region, and had been added to our range of 100% natural tropical fruit pulps.

Avaliable in: 18kg pails or 1kg pots

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