NU Cupuacu

cupuacuNative to the Amazon rainforest, the cupuaçu tree (Theobroma grandiflorum) grows naturally in the Amazon basin, with its seeds being dispersed by birds and monkeys which feast on the tasty fruit pulp. Indigenous tribes as well as local communities along the Amazon have cultivated Cupuaçu for generations, gathering this naturally organic fruit once it has fallen to the ground. Apart from supplying a tasty and nutritious pulp, it is also used traditionally as a tonic to ease abdominal pains.

Cupuaçu has been rated as one of the most promising fruits among the rich Amazonian flora, not only for its thick white fleshy pulp with its characteristic perfumed flavour, but also recently it has been found that, like the cacau fruit to which it is related, the beans that are contained within the cupuaçu fruit can also be used to make a type of chocolate, or "cupulate" as it is known in Brazil.

NU Fruits of the Amazon’s cupuaçu is wild-harvested from the Amazon, where its pulp is extracted, pasteurised and immediately frozen, without the addition of any additives, so that everyone now has the opportunity to experience all of its unadulterated goodness and flavour.

Avaliable in: 18kg pails or 1kg pots

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